About Us

I always knew I wanted to have a clothing line for women. As a young girl playing with Barbie dolls, my love for fashion was born. Looking back, I had a natural fashion sense that grew alongside my love for styling my dolls. Dressing them in different outfits fitting their luxurious lifestyle is when I knew I wanted to play dress up for the rest of my life. So, in 2015 I coined the term GentleVixen, a concept I believe every woman can relate to. The idea represents the epitome of a woman's versatility: SOFT and DEMURE with a touch of BOLD and DARING. Hence, GentleVixen. 
In time, the GentleVixen concept began to symbolize a fashion style. It's a style that combines soft, light garments that flow, topped off by an urban edge. It was soon apparent that GentleVixen is more of a depiction of me and my approach to fashion than a universal character trait representing all women. Therefore, I AM GentleVixen. Staying true to my persona and lifestyle, I wanted to create a brand that brings GentleVixen, her attitude and style, to life.  We're an online brand with loungewear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel curated for women who like to be comfy & cozy, or sexy & sassy, or both. If that's you, Welcome, GentleVixen!